Every small mission has a big vision, and an even bigger ambition behind it. Our founder, Shri Kunverjibhai R. Chheda, is a firm believer of this. In 1991, he set afoot on his vision with Chheda Jewellers, a ‘next-door’ Gold Jewellery Store.

When he entered the jewellery industry, he possessed no ‘jewellery background’ that he could learn things from. It was a solo battle that he went through and won. He believed “Life is a constant Learning”, and with this belief, he kept achieving various milestones, all by himself. While he always believed in Gold, his customers believed in him for Gold. As a result, a fine and steady growth was seen in Chheda Jewellers over the next ten years.

In 2001, quality-obsessed and super buoyant Mr. Parag Chheda, son of Shri Kunverjibhai R. Chheda, entered the Chheda Jewellers business. A teenager when he joined, but when his passion and his father’s immaculate experience got together, The Story of Glory began.

Mr. Parag was the Gen-Next in Chheda Jewelers. He had a broader vision for the brand. Quickly grasping the changing trends in the Jewellery Market and the dynamic Buying Patterns of Customers, he introduced a unique, wide and modernized range of Jewellery Collection. His efforts paid off, and just in a year they were on the fast track to success. In 2002, Chheda Jewellers was among Mumbai’s first 50 Jewellers to get the license to mark the Hallmark sign in their Jewellery.

From only a Gold Jewellery Store, he spread his collection to Jadau and Diamond as well. Mr. Parag Chheda, the man behind the changeover of Chheda Jewellers into CJ, is also the youngest director at India Bullion and Jewellers Association. He turned a 75 sqft gold Jewellery-exclusive store into a 3-storey-high, Large and Luxurious Bridal and Fashion Jewellery Brand Showroom!

No matter how small an Idea is, its Execution should always be Large. Effusing tremendous confidence and a promise to offer excellence in jewellery, Chheda Jewellers – now CJ – will always continue to provide its patrons with unparalleled luxury and grandeur.

CJ Store

CJ Store has a mammoth stock and uniqueness in designer Antique Jewellery, Gold & Jadau Jewellery, Swarovski & CZ Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery.

CJ Understands Jewellery Better

“We don’t just create Jewellery, we create Concepts”; says our director – Mr. Parag Chheda. Jewellery is his love and is why he understands it like no one else.

All the unique Jewellery Designs at CJ is crafted with Love and Emotions. Every Jewellery Piece at CJ has its own story behind it, and is why each and every design at CJ is different from the other.

CJ is not only a manufacturer of Unique Jewellery Designs, but also the innovators of it. They have created Jewellery Concepts, where they have crafted Jewellery with Glass, Wood, Leather and Cloth. Not only that, they have also painted on the Jewellery pieces. Wow! Isn’t it awesome?

They still continue to bring the variety in the Basic. One must at least once visit CJ Store, to experience the Ever Graceful, Alluring and Tantalizing Jewellery.


Gold is like wine, the older it gets, the more valuable it becomes. But hey, Diamonds are forever, and even more attractive and lovable is CZ (Cubic Zirconia).

CZs are visually similar to Diamonds. CZs are in the Jewellery Industry since many years now, but have recently started trending. A CZ can give an individual a feeling owning a diamond, albeit an affordable one. Like a Diamond, CZ too is high in durability and hardness. CZ Jewellery has a stylish and superior look, too. Then, why not go for jewellery made of CZ?

Signi by CJ is the baby of Chheda Jewellers. Under this brand name, one gets the most alluring and delicate CZ-embedded jewellery that’s made in 18ct Hallmarked Gold; a wide range of jewellery that’s available for both Women and Men, in Yellow, White as well as, Rose Gold. Signi is not only for daily wear but also emanates an elite charm when worn on occasions. It has the most unique but trending designs that showcase freshness and evolution in the jewellery industry.

Be a Trendsetter and Break all the Myths. Get the highly elegant masterpieces.

Get Signi – by CJ

Premium CZ Jewellery!