Like how our bodies require good care, our Jewellery needs care, too. A Little Care and Maintenance will prevent your jewellery from losing its luster. Let’s learn how:

  • Jewellery is the thing you should wear the last! To avoid direct contact with makeup, perfume sprays and maybe, a blow-dryer’s hot air, one should always wear jewellery at the very end. The jewellery piece might lose its luster when it comes directly in contact with any of the below items.
  • Uncut diamonds are very expensive; to maintain them, one should always wrap Polki Jewellery in Butter Paper and keep them in a plastic box. This will prevent the Polkis from losing their shine.
  • Kundan Jewellery must always be wrapped in layers of Cotton and kept in a plastic box; this will prevent moist air from reaching the jewellery.
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing or swimming, as soap or chlorine in the water might affect the jewellery adversely.
  • Get a jewelry piece’s shine back easily in just 3 minutes: Dip the jewelry in regular water for a minute, then take a tooth brush and dip it in detergent/toothpaste and slowly rub it on the jewellery piece for a minute; later, wash it carefully and clean it with a lint-free cloth. Your jewellery piece is ready to be worn in just 3 minutes!
  • Always ask the jeweler about the quality of diamonds, hallmarks, and all the minuscule details of jewellery, as purchasing jewellery is an investment of a lifetime and it should always be 100% satisfactory.With a wide range of superior quality Gold, Jadau and Diamond Jewellery, Chheda Jewellers has always loved its customers and wishes to share and impart maximum knowledge to them.
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